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The first look at the Vainglory Android beta version will come at PAX East March 6-8. We will be running Vainglory on NVIDIA SHIELDs at our massive display area inside the Twitch booth as well as playing with Android devices on our special PAX livestreams! Visit our full Android livestream & events schedule for more information and exact broadcast times.

大意:本次虚荣封闭测试将支持有限数量的高端设备,包括NVIDIA SHIELD、三星和Nexus设备。在虚荣安卓版本正式发布后,我们将增加更多的设备。

To get into the closed beta and be among the first to play Vainglory on Android apply now through the application



We can't wait to expand to the Android platform and welcome new players to the Halcyon Fold! When we do launch, players on iOS devices and Android devices will be able to play in the same matches, meaning even better allies, more competition and seamless play with your friends — regardless of their platform preference.



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